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RAMIREZ16My name is Andrew Louis Ramirez.  I am happily married with five beautiful daughters. I am a husband, father, author, speaker, coach and the list goes on.

Like many others, I’ve spent the last 39 years living the life that I was “trained/conditioned” to live. I finished my “formal” education, acquired a “successful” career, purchased a home with a white picket fence…

Then came the point in my life when I stopped to reflect and realized that I was not completely happy with where I was. I was grateful, but not completely satisfied. Something within me began to gnaw. An annoying voice pleaded with me to search for a life filled with more meaning.

It was then that I started my lifelong education.

My heart’s desire is find and live my life’s passion and purpose – to break through all of my perceived barriers and live an abundant life of health, wealth and spirituality.

In order to accomplish that, I must try many different things. I must venture down different roads. This ePortfolio represents the many different avenues I have pursued and the work I’ve attempted in order to journey progressively towards my goal.

While I know that this is a long journey not, I know that along the way, I must give in order to receive.

As such, I am dedicating this ePortfolio to my own personal growth, to my family, friends and to all who are searching for new meaning in their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my ePortfolio.

Please join me on my journey.

Andrew L. Ramirez

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